Organized by: The Swedish Osteoporosis Society
Clinician Track, Technologist Track
Akademiska sjukhuset
Ingång 10
751 85, Uppsala, Sweden
from to
  • Day 1 : 08:30 to 18:15
  • Day 2 : 08:30 to 16:00

USD 750.00


The course will be held by professors Andreas Kindmark and Mattias Lorentzon for the Swedish Osteoporosis Society. The 2-day course will start at 8.30 on the 19th of January and end with the exam at 3 pm on the 20th. Both AK and ML are certified clinical densitometrists (ISCD) and ML is a member of the Committee of Scientific Advisors for the IOF.

Contact person:
Prof.Mattias Lorentzon (mattias.lorentzon@medic.gu.se)
+46 73 338 81 85