Welcome to the OE examination platform. This online examination is for participants who have completed the OE Course.

The Attestation Exam consists of 60 questions based on the knowledge learned during the course. Participants will have 90 min to complete the exam. They can also choose when to take the exam since there is no expiration date. Participants who score 70% shall receive an Attestation of Achievement indicating they have mastered the material taught in the course.

Participants who fail the exam will have the option to retake the exam. It should be noted that a participant can only retake the exam after 24 hours. To retake the exam, participants will first need to pay a fee of 50 USD.

This is not a certification exam. However, the Attestation will be a commonly accepted method of assessment outside the US.

ISCD also offers a NCCA Accredited Certification Exam. This Certification exam is independent of the course. Course participants who desire certification should go to the ISCD website to obtain the appropriate application form, review testing procedures, and review qualifications and fees. However, please note that one does NOT need to take a course to sit for the certification exam, but a mastery of the Body of Knowledge (provided on the ISCD website) is necessary to successfully pass either Certification Exam.

Upon successful completion of the Certification Exam, individuals will be awarded certification for a period of 5 years. The certification exams can be taken at PSI commercial test centers (Prometric Centers), located throughout the world. A listing of test centers is available on the ISCD website.