The Osteoporosis Essentials: Densitometry, Diagnosis and Management Course has been created by the joint efforts of IOF and ISCD for audiences worldwide.

The core elements of this course provide a set of standard practices and information to raise the level of awareness and education in bone densitometry and osteoporosis. Participants who join the course will receive a comprehensive training which provides valuable new knowledge about osteoporosis diagnosis and management for clinicians and allied health professionals.

There are two types of courses available: Clinician Track and Technologist Track, each with their own mandatory exam (exam included in the course fee). You can choose to pay via credit card (VISA, Mastercard) or PayPal.

Upon completion of the course and the exam, participants will receive an Attestation of Achievement as proof of mastery understanding of the content. The Attestation will be a commonly accepted method of assessment outside the US. Information about the exam can be found under “Examination”.

ISCD also offers an Accredited Certification Exam, for US Clinicians and Technologists. For more information on the exam, please visit the ISCD website.

12 modules. Intended audience includes those involved in the performance and interpretation of DXA scans and those involved in the diagnosis, treatment and management of osteoporosis. (12 hours of lecture time):

  1. Overview of Osteoporosis
  2. Principles of DXA Acquisition Analysis and Interpretation
  3. Diagnosis of Osteoporosis
  4. Fracture Risk
  5. Monitoring Treatment
  6. How to Interpret and Report DXA
  7. Can I Trust This DXA Report
  8. Clinical Evaluation of Bone Health
  9. Clinical Management Part 1 : Non-pharmacologic Treatment
  10. Clinical Management Part 2 : Pharmacologic Treatment of Osteoporosis
  11. Clinical Management Part 3 : Adverse Effects of Osteoporosis Medications, Combination Therapy and Drug Holidays
  12. Cases for Discussion

11 modules plus 2 case presentation modules. The intended audience includes those involved in performing bone densitometry scans. (13 hours of lecture time):

  1. Overview of Osteoporosis*
  2. Bone Measurement Device Operating Principles*
  3. X-ray Science, Radiation Safety and Quality Assurance*
  4. Clinical Evaluation of Bone Health*
  5. Quality Control*
  6. Role of the Technologist*
  7. Anatomy, Positioning & Acquisition - Spine*
  8. Anatomy, Positioning & Acquisition – Femur and Forearm*
  9. Vertebral Fracture Assessment*
  10. Scan Analysis*
  11. Clinical Management of the Osteoporotic Patient*
  12. Case-based Clinical Application
  13. Clinical Case review

*core slides developed by the joint course committee

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Sign up and pay

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Attend the course

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Take the exam
Take the exam

Upon completion of the course and the exam, receive an Attestation of Achievement.

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